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  “Technical Advisor and Trainer for the spring industry worldwide”  
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The “Spring Expert” is Mark Hayes B.Sc., C.Eng., MIMMM. Mark has acquired a practical and academic knowledge of all aspects of spring technology by working with high strength materials since graduating in metallurgy at Leeds University in 1975.

Services offered include consultancies, training, problem solving, spring sourcing and design. Wire and strip producers utilise the services to gain knowledge of the technical requirements of the spring material supply chain. Spring manufacturers use the services to optimise their production processes, to solve manufacturing and design problems and to commission failure investigations or interpretations thereof. Users of springs benefit from these services to optimise their designs, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of springs, which are used in almost all manufactured items from automotive, aerospace, rail, medical, mechanical, civil, electronic and electrical engineering, leisure products and practically all other industrial sectors. Almost everything that is made is better for having springs incorporated into their construction.


The last courses that Spring Expert delivered were in UK, China, Canada, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. All these courses were very well received with entirely positive feedback. One delegate recorded in his feedback that he "learnt more than he expected". Another delegate recorded that he was not confident that his English would be good enough to understand everything, but the clear English and accompanying course manual meant that language issues were minimal. The next courses will be given in North America.

In November 2015 Spring Expert presented a paper about the effects of heat treating compression springs at an international spring conference in Tokyo.

Spring Expert is regularly asked for assistance with setting mechanical spring coilers, but Mark does not have these skills. However, he would be very pleased to hear from someone who does, and would be willing to employ that person and help them to provide such training. This opportunity might suit someone who has recently retired, but is still fit enough to travel around the world

Spring Expert attended Wire 2016 from April 4th for three days. It was really good to meet many friends from the wire and spring industry at the show, which was slightly bigger and better than previously with ever more participation by Chinese companies seeking export opportunities now that their domestic market is not so bouyant.

On the Links page of this website, there are numerous articles and technical papers written by Spring Expert over the last 16 years. Several further papers were added in 2014, and more will be added soon.
    Mark Hayes Proprietor  
Mark was employed by the Institute of Spring Technology (IST) for 28 years. He is committed to the technical goals and products of IST. During the six years since he left he has gradually reduced his work commitments as an independent self-employed consultant/ trainer to the global spring industry, but he stil works 1 - 2 days per week on average.

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“A spring is a device for storing energy and giving it back when required." Whether it is cold or hot formed, made from wire or strip, Spring Expert can help ensure the product is as light as possible, economical and utterly reliable. Compression springs are often more than 99% efficient, and spring expert can help you towards similar efficiency and reliability in extension, torsion, spiral, disc, leaf and all other types of spring.

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