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Consultancy / Problem Solving
Spring expert will consider any request for consultative advice regarding spring technology and will make an assessment of how best to address the question. Areas in which advice has been successfully supplied in the past are: spring material selection, failure analysis (including legal cases), design, sourcing of materials or springs, optimising production. Spring Expert may supply a quote for consultative services, or direct the enquirer to a more appropriate company, often one of those listed in the links section of this website. Spring Expert maintains contacts with organisations and engineers all over the world to help him to provide these services.

Failure Analysis

A new facility has very recently been offered to Spring Expert via an associate. Using this route Mark will approve the results of the work, but the associate will undertake the investigation (usually using a scanning electron microscope) and write the report.

Training - at your factory, wherever it is, globally if the UK Foreign Office says it is safe!
Spring Expert has considerable experience in the provision of training in many areas of spring technology, as shown on the training page of this website. He can tailor the course to the specific interests of each client, and adjust the technical level of his presentations to the requirements of the audience. He is willing to offer training to individual companies or to the entire spring supply chain. This type of training works best when there are between 3 and 20 delegates, but courses have been for 1 or 60 delegates. Investigations into use of Skype and other electronic communication systems has proved to an unsatisfactory option, and so Spring Expert only offers training via visits to your facility wherever you are in the world (almost).

Training is offered to spring material suppliers. The conclusion from one of the 2014 courses was that it “surpassed all expectations” for delegates who came from all over the world.

Training is offered to spring manufacturers. An experienced springmaker (Technical Manager) recently commented that Spring Expert had “answered all those questions that had puzzled him for years”, and another commented "pleased to find someone impartial, willing to share their knowledge of springs".

Training is offered to spring end users. After a course in 2017 given by Spring Expert, the company MD said “the savings that should now accrue as a result of this course will have made this training one of my best investments”.

Repeat training every 3-5 years has proved to work well, enabling new employees to catch up, and experienced employees to refresh their knowledge.

Are your spring designs optimised? Springs are usually reliable, but if they are not Spring Expert can offer solutions to significantly improve reliability. Your springs may work satisfactorily, but are they unnecessarily heavy, expensive or take up too much space. Spring Expert can verify your designs and provide generic advice to improve them, or specific advice on individual designs. It is Spring Expert’s experience that spring design standards leave plenty of room for improvement in a significant minority of cases.

Spring Expert has resurrected a text book on spring technology, but discussions are on-going about its publication via the "Springtelligence" project in which Mark is one of the partners. Technical texts can be supplied by Spring Expert to support the sales efforts of spring manufacturers.


Spring Expert  has given consultative advice to spring manufacturers and end users in 8 different contries within the last twelve months.

A paper was presented by Spring Expert at the JSSE international conference, ICST-1, on spring technology in Tokyo on 17th Nov. 2015.

The last overseas trip was to USA where 2 courses were delivered to a major user of compression springs, and a repeat course to new employees of a spring manufacturer. Prior to that a two day course was devised and found to be suitable for the entire workforce of a NAFTA spring manufacturer, and then after a one day break, a spring design course was given to the technical personnel of the springmaker and to 20 of their customers enabling really good interaction between all present.

The most recent courses were given in USA, UK, Spain, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Canada. There is capacity to offer courses anytime in 2020, but the availability will be severely limited in the second half of the year.

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